Photography pre session meeting

When you employ my services, you are employing someone who really cares about the images that are created, I really want to get the best shots I can for you.

It is a really important part of the process for me to meet with you, and get to know you a little.  This gives me a chance to find out what it is you would like to achieve, within the time we will spend together.




Things to consider before we meet:


What type of capture are you interested in? Is this a Portrait session for personal use, or is this a corporate event, maybe a garden party?


I am happy to engage on a one to one session or a party of 300.


Where do you want the session to take place, will this be an intimate set taken in your own home, or would you rather be out and about, at the beach, or on the mountains somewhere?


If it is an oudoors shoot, we are best to go in the morning or the early evening so we get the best light.


Who will be there? If this is a small group of personal portraits, will you and your family be in together, or will we have to do a seperate sitting for some members of the group? Is it a board of Directors, when will they all be available?




How do you want to present these images?


Digital photography is great, you can capture an image, store it on a computer and manipulate it, but sadly, that is where so many images stay.


I work with an expert printing house to get the best possible output. Be assured that your family portraits will look amazing in one of our coffee table photo books. They will look equally amazing on a large scale canvas print on your wall.


I will work with you to select the best shots taken on the shoot, we will discuss editing options and special requests at this point for ewach individual image, then I will take all this and start the process of creating a set of memories that you will never forget.


Once we decide on a way forward, lets book a date.


What is the theme?


So, do we go suited and booted, for a more formal approach, or is it to be jeans and t-shirt for that casual feel, maybe even fancy dress, just for the giggles. The only boundray is your own imagination.

Knowing what to wear on the day will give you confidence, and that confidence  will carry into the pictures that I take for you. Confidence shines naturally in portraits, so wear it with pride.

I will make suggestions on colours and material purely based on the technical aspects of photography.

Book a time and day.

Once you are happy with the process, you can book the date. At this point a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking.

Rest assured that I will be working with you now to create the best quality images possible that will last a life time and bring joy every time you look at them.

Additional prints and photo books will always be available for you to order. They make great Christmas presents.