Paul Cairns Photography

Photography to me is about capturing that moment that you see in front of you when your eyes widen and your heart beats a little faster, the beauty of nature never fails to leave me speechless, and the human condition is a timeless subject that always attracts the eye.


In a digital age where images are served up to us on screens of all sizes, I feel the best images are those that can be hung on walls or appreciated in books, turning the page and remembering another moment that makes you smile. Printed canvas or art foam board, as well as a personalised photo album are a timeless piece to have in any home.

When you hire a photographer, you don't just hire someone to snap away with a digital camera so they can email the images to you the next day; you hire a person you entrust with your memories, someone who is an artist, someone who will make the best possible show of the images that are captured.

Whether it is a portrait, a product shoot, a family pet or a wedding, I strive to capture as much life and feeling of the moment as I can, to produce the kind of images you would be happy to hang on the wall in your home.


This site is a sample of the work I do. Please use the contact form to get in touch with me. I will happily meet with you to discuss your requirements and I will work with you to create the best images that you desire.


I hope you enjoy my website, and I look forward to hearing from you.